Board of Directors


Ravi Malhotra

Ravi is a seasoned engineer and social entrepreneur with a track record of establishing enterprises in India, Africa, and the United States, prioritizing sustainable technologies. His leadership has been instrumental in guiding award-winning research and development projects and the successful launch of innovative products. Ravi earned his Bachelor's in Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology and holds dual Master's degrees in Engineering and Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin. In his most recent role, he has spearheaded ICAST, TBL Fund, and Finance for Impact programs, offering invaluable support to LI and DAC clients by providing technical assistance, facilitating fundraising efforts, and enhancing marketing strategies. 

Bruce Dines

Bruce is an integral part of Liberty Global, where he assumes the role of managing technology investments for their corporate venture fund. His impressive career includes co-founding multiple companies and successfully leading businesses through various stages, from conceptualization and model development to securing capital, generating revenue, and building high-performing teams. Bruce has also held prominent positions in several corporations, serving as President at comCables, Chief Operating Officer at Northstar Exchange (which was acquired by Construction Software Technologies in 2007), President at EHPT (acquired by Ericsson in 2002), and Division President at Ericsson Mobile Communications. A fifth-generation Colorado native, Bruce has deep roots dating back to the Homestead Act in Colorado Territory. 

Kamal Ali

Kamal holds the position of Regional President for PNC in New Mexico, a role he assumed following PNC's acquisition of BBVA in 2021. Before this role, he served as the CEO of BBVA for an impressive six-year tenure. Kamal's journey in the banking industry commenced with BBVA in 1995 in Birmingham, Alabama, and later, in 2000, transferred to Albuquerque. He is a distinguished academic, having earned his Master of Business Administration from Jacksonville State University in 1992, along with dual Bachelor's degrees in Finance and Economics from Jacksonville State University in 1990. Beyond his corporate responsibilities, Kamal actively contributes to the community as a board member for numerous not-for-profit organizations.